Thursday, May 5, 2016

Renters Beware!

The state Attorney General's Office is investigating a Tampa firm by the name of HOA Problem Solutions.  They are accused of faking bids on foreclosures at public auctions.  A bid is made at online public auctions but when payment is not made, another auction is planned and again the high bidder defaults.  This invalid sale happened five times over the course of eight months for a property in Quail Ridge Villas. 

The homeowners association received a final foreclosure judgment against a resident who owed thousands of dollars in delinquent fees. Then someone bid on the property but failed to pay, causing repeated delays, ultimately hurting the association which couldn't collect fees needed for maintenance and repairs. As foreclosure proceedings dragged on, HOA Problem Solutions has been renting out the house. An attorney for the Villas filed a lawsuit claiming the company "is intentionally impeding the judicial process by submitting false bids.  Other associations have had similar experiences with the firm according to Clearwater attorney Brandon Mullis. Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's office is conducting a consumer protection investigation into HOA Problem Solutions.

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