Monday, June 13, 2016

Kitchen Projects that Pay You Back

Adding major value to your home can easily be achieved by using modern, stylish material (  Simply updating countertops and sinks can set the tone for the entire kitchen. Popular choices include granite, quartz, concrete, marble, slate, tile and onyx. Laminates, while priced low, are generally considered outdated.

When choosing a material for your home, consider durability, maintenance and cost.  Natural stone counters can cost up to $300 per square foot. The elegant, earthy, upscale look is pulling homeowners toward the wide range of colors offered by stones like marble, limestone and soapstone.

The fewer seams and less porous the material, the less likely it will be to have water and bacteria creating unsanitary conditions. Stainless steel and solid surface counters are not porous and offer a look that is seamless.

Sinks are also getting smarter and more stylish.  Undermount sinks, versus the traditional top mount, are trendy and offer a sleek design. Today's kitchens are highly functional with multiple work zones.  Many homeowners are installing drain trays and built in preparation boards to add extra workspace.

While budgets can be limiting, kitchen design has infinite possibilities. Choose attractive modern patterns and materials that create a unique look for your home and bring you satisfaction. When it comes time to sell, your happiness will shine through to new potential buyers.

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