Monday, August 31, 2015

St.Petersburg Mayor Kriseman Sees Cuban Opportunity

The United States and Cuba have reopened their long-closed embassies opening the door to improved future relations.  This is exciting news for St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman who is intent on helping regional efforts.  Kriseman said he wouldn't mind if his city is picked as a Tampa Bay based consolate office. The hope is to establish economic and cultural ties with the island nation.  Additionally St.Pete is intent on promoting the city's marine ( and medical science industry as an ideal partner for Cuba's world-renowned vaccine and preventative care.  Another push will be to bridge the Cuban and St.Petersburg arts communities together ( These are exciting times for Tampa Bay. If you would like to buy in this dynamic forerunner of a city call Keyvan Kohan at 727-565-1658 or visit

Monday, August 24, 2015

Madeira Beach Projects Funded by Grants

Over the past several years, a record number of improvement projects have been planned, started or completed throughout Madeira Beach (  The expense and scope of these efforts has surpassed $20 million dollars. A large portion of the money has come from grants. The slated projects include citywide road reconstruction and stormwater system improvements, Gulf Boulevard beautification, boating infrastructure and dock improvements as well as new playground equipment. The City Centre project called Remember our Children Park ( has been completed at a cost of $10 million. The installation of plants, palm trees, lighting and upgrades has added tremendous beauty to the area.  Come for a visit and you'll decide to stay!  I would be happy to show you around.  Call Keyvan Kohan 727-565-1658 or email

Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Rely on Technology to Evaluate Home Values?

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A multitude of websites inundate real estate consumers promising to have the magical formula for calculating real market value of homes today.  Data aggregation systems and computational models are examples of the advancement of information technology tools that have drastically changed the way real estate is marketed.  However, it is critical to get an insider's perspective to truly evaluate a residential property.

Personal tours involve viewing location, size and layout of homes. Certainly this type of information can be obtained from using a multiple listing service.  However, to truly get a feel for all a home can offer requires a personal investment of time. Physically walking through a home or condo allows the buyer to see firsthand all improvements, upgrades and remodels. It also allows for a close up look at potential structural damage from cosmetic to more serious. Experienced realtors and appraisers compare quality features daily. Relying on trained professionals can save buyers thousands of dollars.  This hands-on approach to determining real estate value benefits both buyers and sellers.

I will be more than glad to conduct a personal walk through of your chosen homes, provide a free market analysis, and answer any questions you have regarding the real estate market.  Call today for so much more than a computer generated valuation. Keyvan Kohan's Direct Line is (727) 565-1658. Website is or email