Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Selling Your Home? What Can You Expect This Tax Season?

If your home recently sold or is sale pending do you know what income taxes you will be responsible to pay this tax season?  The amount actually depends on the length of time you lived in your home.  If your family has resided in your home for two of the last five years, single homeowners can earn $250,000 tax free!  Some exceptions to this rule apply for those disabled, relocating for a job more than 50 miles away, or those in need of medical treatment.  In these cases taxes can be prorated. The tax free number increases to $500,000 (exemption on the profit not sale price) for couples filing jointly.  Capital gains taxes must be paid if your home is higher than your allotment. For homeowners who have had their homes less than a year, the regular tax rate applies.
If you are interested in calculating your personal gain, the following compilation is suggested by Time: "First subtract selling expenses such as agent commissions and other closing costs from the sale price.  Then you need to calculate your basis. This is what you paid for your home, plus some of the closing expenses from the purchase, such as title insurance and recording fees (but not loan points or lender fees), and the costs of any permanent improvements, like a swimming pool or new addition.  For more complete details, see IRS Publication 523."
Prior to selling a home, one should check with a CPA, Tax attorney and/or Estate attorney.  For recommendations, give the Kohan & Associates team a call at 727-565-1658 or check out our website at

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Florida Ranked Best Place to Retire

Best and Worst Cities to Retire
Florida is destined to benefit from the migration of nearly 80 million aging Baby Boomers.  According to demographic studies, the Sunshine State's mild temperatures and limitless outdoor amenities make Florida a continued favorite retirement destination. View the charts at the link below to see the 20 Best States to Retire in 2016, based on a study by WalletHub. ( For an unsurpassed lifestyle, now is the time to buy your slice of the most desirable place to live. Call Keyvan and Stephanie at Kohan & Associates today at 727-565-1658 or visit our website at

Monday, February 1, 2016

Shopping for a GREEN House?

It seems that now more than ever, home buyers are searching for eco-friendly homes.  How can you tell if a home is truly green or even lends itself to green tendencies?

The term "green" can mean different things to different people.  Many of those seeking energy cost savings might look for features like Energy Star appliances, weatherproofed windows and advanced insulation. Others may be concerned with personal health issues and therefore seek homes with non-toxic materials like bamboo flooring and low VOC paint. Some buyers go so far as wanting to contribute to a more sustainable future and look for locally produced or reclaimed wood and building material.

Finding a home with even basic levels of "green" can help lower energy bills. Home buyers looking for eco-friendly homes may also consider that green-certified, single family homes sold for 9 percent more than comparable non-green homes according to a recent University of California study. Perhaps buying a smaller home is more economical since the larger homes consume more energy.  Water based paints contain lower levels of gas emitting VOC's than oil based paints. Recycled carpets or reclaimed wood are popular flooring choices. When landscaping, choose plants requiring low levels of maintenance. 

If Green homes interest you, feel free to give us a call and we can show you several in the St. Petersburg area. Kohan & Associates 727-565-1658 or check out our website at and the United States Green Building Council website at