Monday, April 25, 2016

Packing Up a Lost Loved One's Home

Regarded as one of the most stressful situations, it is likely that each of us will one day have to clear out a deceased parent's home. There is no way to soften the difficulty of this inevitable, unenviable task. 
Often times even though people aren't classic hoarders, they still hang on to a multitude of questionable objects they saw no reason to get rid of previously. Easier to dispose of are the Tupperware's without lids and receipts from decades past. However, when it comes to the family memorabilia, trying to decide whether to keep or toss can cause emotions to become excruciatingly painful. My best advice is to keep your common goal in mind - .  You can't cling to every candy dish in an effort to keep the lives of your loved ones from slipping away.
If you have not had the experience of packing up a family member or friend's home, here are some pearls of wisdom:
1. Keeping the house can be costly, so the shared goal of selling can  help motivate packers.
2. Save things that have a story or value.
3. Split things between family.
4. Hire help. Several companies can assist with estate sales for the items you plan to liquidate.
5. Take pictures of items you don't intend to keep but still have meaning.
When the task of clearing out the house is completed and you are mentally ready to sell your loved one's home, call Kohan & Associates. We are realtors with compassion and understanding of what you have experienced because we have been there ourselves. Call Keyvan Kohan at 727-565-1658 and Stephanie Kohan at 727-564-9983 or reach us through our website at .We can get through this most difficult time together.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pinellas County Government Contact Info

Keep these important numbers handy for easy reference when you need them.  Or just give 
Kohan & Associates a call and we will provide you a list.  Stephanie Kohan, Director of Client Services-Realtor,  and Keyvan Kohan, Broker-Associate, can be reached at 727-565-1658.  Feel free to contact us through our website as well at

Pinellas County Government          
Animal Services                         727-582-2600
Animal Bite Line                        727-582-2608
Chemical Waste Hotline             727-462-4623
Citizens Info Center                    727-464-4333
Clerk of Court                             727-464-7000          
Consumer Protection                   727-464-6200
Convention & Visitor's Bureau   727-464-7200          
Elections                                      727-464-6788         
EMS & Fire Admin.                    727-582-2000
Flooding Info                               727-464-3471
Health Dept. (CLW)                    727-469-5800         
Health Dept. (St.Pete)                 727-824-6900         
Housing Finance Authority         727-464-8210        
Jail                                               727-464-6415         
Justice Protection                         727-453-7441
Parks                                            727-582-2100
Property Appraiser                      727-464-3207          
Public Defender                                                           
Public Works                                727-464-3251
Sheriff                                           727-582-6200         
Tax Collector                                727-464-7777         
Veterans Services                          727-464-8460
Zoning Permit                               727-464-3401
Cable/Internet/Landline Providers
Bright House                                1-888-289-8988      
Verizon FiOS                                1-800-VERIZON   
WOW                                           1-866-745-3685      
Department of Motor Vehicles
 DMV                                           727-464-7777       
Electricity/Natural Gas
Duke Energy                                  727-443-2641      
TECO                                            1-877-TECO-PGS
Pinellas County                             727-464-7500        
Trash Collection
Pinellas County                               727-464-7500
Pinellas County                             727-464-4000

Friday, April 1, 2016

Interested in Adding Value to your Home?

Knowing which home improvements are most beneficial to make a statement in today's real estate market can really pay off. Keeping in mind that each upgrade will most likely help increase the value of your home when selling, now is a great time to learn the smartest options.

1. Declutter:   Taking out the extra furnishings and accessories from a home has been estimated to be worth as much as $4000.  This is truly a case where less is more.  If you feel like you need a gentle nudge consider hiring a professional cleaning service or home staging company.

2. Landscaping: Even for those of us without a green thumb, adding plants and mulch helps improve first impressions. Costs are relatively low but the return value is high.

3. Fresh Paint: The smell of new paint sends visitors a message that the home has been improved. Choosing neutral colors that are currently fashionable can make living space more inviting.

4. DIY Projects: If you can do some handy work around the house, labor savings equal 100%. Consider trading out old faucets for modern nickle and steel models.  Or how about adding wainscoting to at least a single wall for added value?

5. Updated Lighting: New lighting fixtures can brighten your home without breaking the bank. There are so many options to choose from that this is an easy way to add character and decoration.

6. New Furnishings: Prospective home buyers can be wowed by the look of great, affordable furniture. Impress them with a few new pieces of tasteful and comfy couches or chairs.

7. Pre-Inspection Inspection: Here's a home value hack you might not have thought about.  Consider hiring an inspector before your home even hits the market.  Particular mechanical or plumbing problems can be identified and fixed ahead of time.

Would you like to know the current value of your home?  We would be happy to provide you with a FREE MARKET ANALYSIS.  Give Keyvan and Stephanie a call today: 727-565-1658.

Additional home improvement ideas can be found at