Monday, April 25, 2016

Packing Up a Lost Loved One's Home

Regarded as one of the most stressful situations, it is likely that each of us will one day have to clear out a deceased parent's home. There is no way to soften the difficulty of this inevitable, unenviable task. 
Often times even though people aren't classic hoarders, they still hang on to a multitude of questionable objects they saw no reason to get rid of previously. Easier to dispose of are the Tupperware's without lids and receipts from decades past. However, when it comes to the family memorabilia, trying to decide whether to keep or toss can cause emotions to become excruciatingly painful. My best advice is to keep your common goal in mind - .  You can't cling to every candy dish in an effort to keep the lives of your loved ones from slipping away.
If you have not had the experience of packing up a family member or friend's home, here are some pearls of wisdom:
1. Keeping the house can be costly, so the shared goal of selling can  help motivate packers.
2. Save things that have a story or value.
3. Split things between family.
4. Hire help. Several companies can assist with estate sales for the items you plan to liquidate.
5. Take pictures of items you don't intend to keep but still have meaning.
When the task of clearing out the house is completed and you are mentally ready to sell your loved one's home, call Kohan & Associates. We are realtors with compassion and understanding of what you have experienced because we have been there ourselves. Call Keyvan Kohan at 727-565-1658 and Stephanie Kohan at 727-564-9983 or reach us through our website at .We can get through this most difficult time together.

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