Monday, April 17, 2017

Home Pricing Mistakes Cost Sellers Thousands

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The home sales industry has changed from 50 years ago but many agents continue using the same price approach. Many factors should be considered when a home is listed: location, staging, other homes currently for sale, comparable recent sales, etc. But a major pricing error that thousands of agents make daily is a small, costly mistake. When using sites such as on a mobile device, prospective buyers use pricing parameters., however, uses a slider but numbers are still multiples of $10,000. When a property is priced a dollar higher or a dollar lower than a multiple of 10K it might be missed.  For example, say your property is listed at $499,999.  People searching for homes priced $500,000 - $550,000 will never see this listing. To provide buyers with maximum exposure, price points should be in multiples of $10,000 as opposed to the older way of listing with prices ending in $999, according to Bernice Ross, a national speaker and trainer.  For ideas on the best price for your home, reach out to Kohan & Associates at

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An End is Coming to Sunset Beach's Parking Troubles

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By the end of May visitors to Sunset Beach can expect their parking woes to lessen.  A partial resolution is coming as a site plan has been approved and a building permit given to Unified Parking Partners to begin construction on a commercial parking lot on Gulf Boulevard.  For years there has been complaining regarding limited parking on narrow residential streets near residences of Sunset Beach.  Popular tourist hangouts like Caddy's on the Beach drew tourists battling for spaces. There is hope that the new 89 space lot at the northeast corner of Gulf Boulevard and First Street across from Sunset Vista Park will alleviate congestion. The lot will have pay stations and a shuttle service to area businesses. City Commissioner Ken Keys believes the parking lot will make a significant difference in solving traffic problems. As for Kohan & Associates, we can't wait to park in the new lot and get our toes in the sand. Interested yourself?  Reach out to us at

Monday, April 3, 2017

Going green

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     By next year green homes might represent 40% of the United States housing market according to the U.S. Green Building Council. Additionally, nearly 84% of all new homes built will include sustainable features. 
     Director of USGBC's Residential Technical Solutions, Asa Foss said, "It's becoming more mainstream due to rapidly improving building energy codes, newer and better green materials and fixtures coming onto the marketplace and an overall increase in awareness in what it takes to build a green home."
     Recent reviews show that green homes sell for higher than traditional residences.  So even though doing the right thing is a motivator, so is increased profit.
     The highest standard for people wanting to build to the gold level of green specifications is the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). This rating system allows builders and home owners to use resources efficiently. The use of recycled construction materials and Energy Star products are incorporated into the building with environmental sustainability as a focus.
     Every year, new installation records are being set with solar power.  Products like these are continually improving and dropping in price.  This increases market access for consumers.  It has never been easier or cheaper to go green.  
     Would you like to see some homes in the Tampa Bay area that are LEED certified?  Call Kohan & Associates at 727-565-1658 for an appointment today or check us out on the web at