Wednesday, April 12, 2017

An End is Coming to Sunset Beach's Parking Troubles

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By the end of May visitors to Sunset Beach can expect their parking woes to lessen.  A partial resolution is coming as a site plan has been approved and a building permit given to Unified Parking Partners to begin construction on a commercial parking lot on Gulf Boulevard.  For years there has been complaining regarding limited parking on narrow residential streets near residences of Sunset Beach.  Popular tourist hangouts like Caddy's on the Beach drew tourists battling for spaces. There is hope that the new 89 space lot at the northeast corner of Gulf Boulevard and First Street across from Sunset Vista Park will alleviate congestion. The lot will have pay stations and a shuttle service to area businesses. City Commissioner Ken Keys believes the parking lot will make a significant difference in solving traffic problems. As for Kohan & Associates, we can't wait to park in the new lot and get our toes in the sand. Interested yourself?  Reach out to us at

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