Monday, April 17, 2017

Home Pricing Mistakes Cost Sellers Thousands

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The home sales industry has changed from 50 years ago but many agents continue using the same price approach. Many factors should be considered when a home is listed: location, staging, other homes currently for sale, comparable recent sales, etc. But a major pricing error that thousands of agents make daily is a small, costly mistake. When using sites such as on a mobile device, prospective buyers use pricing parameters., however, uses a slider but numbers are still multiples of $10,000. When a property is priced a dollar higher or a dollar lower than a multiple of 10K it might be missed.  For example, say your property is listed at $499,999.  People searching for homes priced $500,000 - $550,000 will never see this listing. To provide buyers with maximum exposure, price points should be in multiples of $10,000 as opposed to the older way of listing with prices ending in $999, according to Bernice Ross, a national speaker and trainer.  For ideas on the best price for your home, reach out to Kohan & Associates at

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