Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Housing Market A Bargain in Tampa Bay

With a median home price of $175,000, Tampa Bay's housing market is cheaper than other metro areas in the Southeast US.  Higher growth combined with lower prices makes the region an affordable market that is appreciating quickly. This provides a promising opportunity for home buyers especially since mortgage rates remain low.

Orlando's median price is $198,000 while Jacksonville marked $204,500 and Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro market averaged $289,900. The median sale price of homes in Florida's east coast cities between Port St. Lucie and Titusville rose about 20 percent from the previous year.

Certain metro areas are boasting median home prices startlingly high. California cities continued to dominate the list of most expensive markets.  Homes in the Silicon Valley, for example, are commanding a median sales price of $980,000.  That is 5.6 times Tampa Bay's median home prices.

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