Monday, July 11, 2016

Is Your Home Prepared?

Regardless of the forecast for storms in the United States, coastal residents should fully prepare themselves each year. There isn't a strong correlation between the number of named storms and the number that actually make landfall.  For example, this hurricane season there are 12 named storms forecast to develop and any number of those can hit the US or none at all. In other words, a year might deliver many storms with little impact or deliver few storms but hit with major impact.

Colorado State University has forecast the 2016 Atlantic hurricane season to have near historical averages for the number of named storms and hurricanes.  There are a total of five hurricanes expected with two of those being major.  A major hurricane is one that is Category 3 or stronger. Hurricane season spans from June through November. Experts predict the U.S. is due for another hurricane strike sooner rather than later but since it is impossible to know when that will occur it is important to be prepared.

Not only having insurance but getting the right amount and type can mean the difference between a smooth or challenging recovery. Contact your insurance agent to discuss the type of and amount of coverage recommended. Other online resources include:  The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation    The Insurance Information Institute The Florida Department of Financial Services

Review your homeowner's or renter's insurance policy by asking yourself these questions:

What is my deductible?
What is my hurricane deductible?
Do I need flood insurance?
Do I have enough coverage to replace my home and belongings?

Some companies offer rate reductions for reinforcements to the roof, garage, windows and doors.  For help in determining what improvements might offer discounts on your hurricane insurance premiums contact your insurance agents.  For other helpful tips, such as what items you might add to your emergency supply kit, contact Kohan and Associates at

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